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Every semester, Mermaids funds a number of shows that are put up in different venues across St Andrews. This page lists all our upcoming shows, and we invite you to follow both us and the productions on social media for more information and updates in the lead up to the performances!

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Noël Coward's Present Laughter

The Byre Theatre, 31 January & 1 February

Present Laughter is a farcical comedy that follows the hedonistic life of fading matinée idol Gary Essendine as he prepares for his theatrical tour of Africa. His affairs are tolerated by those around him, but when he begins one with his friend's wife, Gary enters a tricky situation that he may not get out of.

Mahan Nikbakhsh's Lost in Translation

The Barron Theatre, 5-6 February

Very loosely based on renowned Iranian writer Sadeq Hedayat, Lost in Translation is a play about cultural and intellectual disconnection. This initially absurdist play is about not fitting into a world that seems to want to leave you behind. 

Hollie McNish's Antigone

The Byre Theatre, 21-22 February

This new adaptation of ‘Antigone’ shows Hollie McNish catapulting Sophocles into the contemporary. Enraged by Kreon’s decree to leave her brother unburied, Antigone chooses defiance despite the grave consequences. The only question is, will the Gods take her side? 

Laura Walker's Braided

The Barron Theatre, 13-14 March

In Braided, a family navigates their way through tragedy and attempts to discover how to love each other during a legal trial following a shocking incident. The piece interrogates the extremities of loss, blame and the balance between empathy and anger. 

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

The Stage, 19 & 21 March

Shakespeare’s classic tale of betrayal, blood, and lust for power is brought into a more modern context, nodding to the political upheaval of the death of JFK. The question is age-old: can a desire for power ever be purely moral? 

Eleanor Pitt's The Selkie

The Barron Theatre, 3-4 April

The Selkie - A strange young woman realises she is one of the Selkies, the seal people who disappeared long ago. She goes on a journey to find her way back to them, but faces peril along the way. 

Nicole Gabrione's Schemes and Sh*t

The Barron Theatre, 10-11 April

Schemes and Sh*t is a comedic and (semi) historical romp through Regency England. It’s grouse season, and all the landed gentry of England are flocking to the countryside to hunt for birds and husbands. Will the Gardens sisters find love?  

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