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Mermaids is the University of St Andrews Performing Arts Fund. Our primary goal and purpose is to promote performing arts in St Andrews and beyond. We do this primarily through funding theatrical productions and supporting our affiliates, other performing arts societies. 

Performing Arts Fund


Our Story

Why we are called Mermaids?

Before Mermaids was officially founded as the University of St Andrews Performing Arts Fund, students would perform on the rocks of Castle Sands and passersby often said they looked like Mermaids. Now, we no longer perform on the beach but in wonderful venues including the Byre Theatre and the Barron (at the Byre), but the Mermaids name stuck!


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Get Involved

Learn about the different ways you can become part of the Mermaids family.


Explore the Performing Arts community in St Andrews


Look through publicity and show photos of our past productions.


Download all the important documents you need to propose a show and more.

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