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Mermaids Performing Arts Fund is your route to all things theatre in St Andrews. Unlike a society, Mermaids is a subcommittee of the St Andrews Students’ Association meaning that if you’re a student, you’re in. No fee.


Now, what does that actually mean for you? If you have an idea for a performance, Mermaids is there to help your creative visions become a reality. We serve to fund financially viable proposals for theatre and performance in St Andrews, putting on over thirty shows each year: dramas, musicals, comedies, Shakespeare, as well as showcasing plenty of student writing. As well as theatre in St Andrews, we send a number of shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every year.


We also provide a programme of workshops throughout the year allowing people to develop skills from directing to acting; stage-managing to make-up. If it’s related to theatre we will run a workshop on it at some point.


Our affiliated societies allow for opportunities outside straight theatre: whether it is comedy, musical theatre, creative writing or something else, there will be an opportunity for you to try your hand at it in St Andrews.


Opportunities are offered regardless of experience: you can act, direct, write, produce or work backstage. If you want to do it, and if it is financially and logistically viable, Mermaids will provide the backing to ensure your ideas come to life.

Meet the Committee
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