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We want Mermaids to be a comfortable, safe, and positive environment for everyone who chooses to get involved - whether acting, directing, producing, or involved in some other capacity, it's extremely important to us that you enjoy your experiences. We exist to provide opportunities to the student body, and so welcome any feedback or suggestions on how we can do better based on your involvement and interactions with our productions, events, and committee. 

Here are the best ways to get in touch with us:



Mermaids Performing Arts Fund

St Andrews Students' Association, 

St Mary's Place, St Andrews,

Fife, KY16 9UZ

Anonymous Feedback Form

Mermaids is committed to promoting theatre within and out with St Andrews and as part of that we want to hear your feedback if you feel like there is something we could be doing better! If you have any concerns, questions, ideas, that you would like to communicate anonymously to the Mermaids Committee please feel free to do so through this anonymous form. 

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