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Put on a Show

To put on a show with Mermaids, you first need to propose to the Committee. Information about proposal deadlines for each semester can be found on our Facebook page, but we've compiled some useful documents here for you to use while preparing that proposal. On our important documents page, you can find the Proposal Form, Budget Form, Risk Assessment Form, and Wellbeing Plan, all of which you will need to submit to propose to Mermaids, as well as information on potential Venues, and Proposal Guide compiled by our Productions Coordinator to help you. Remember that the Committee is here to answer any questions, and that taking advantage of our Office Hours and our Proposal Workshops, which we announce on Facebook, is a great way to get help on proposals! Each member of the Committee can help you with different parts of the Proposal and we would love to be able to do so. 

Once you have submitted a proposal, Mermaids Committee will invite you to a short meeting a few days later so that you can further explain your proposal, in-person, and answer some questions. We will then let you know if you have been passed. 

Below you can find the key documents that you will need to get started on a Proposal! 

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