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Mermaids at the Fringe

Mermaids are thrilled to be able to give students the opportunity to take shows to the Edinburgh Fringe every August. As the largest arts festival in the world, the Fringe is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your talent both as a performer, a writer and as a production team member, and we are very proud to say that many of our student originals that we have taken to the festival in past years that have received outstanding reviews. 

To be at the Fringe is a very exciting time and a great way to make friends for life. During the month you will spend rehearsing in St Andrews and performing in Edinburgh, you'll make some fantastic memories and gain great experiences for theatre productions in the future. Stepping onto an international stage merely an hour from St Andrews is an unique opportunity, and we cannot wait to hear from you with a show proposal in semester two and to support you in taking your show to the Fringe!

If you have any questions at all, please contact our Fringe Representative Eleanor Reid (er212@), and keep an eye on our Fringe Instagram @mermaidsstafringe for more info. 

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